Austell Natural Gas Terms and Conditions of Service

The following terms and conditions were set forth by Austell Natural Gas System and apply to all consumer accounts.  By receiving service from Austell Natural Gas, the consumer agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions effective July 1, 2023.  Terms and conditions are subject to change.

 1. Fees and charges related to your gas service:

a. Taxes: The consumer is responsible for the applicable federal, state, and local taxes and charges. It is the responsibility of any tax-exempt entity to inform Austell Natural Gas and provide any documentation necessary for tax-exempt status.

b. Penalties: A charge equal to 1.5% of the previous balance will be added to all bills carrying forward a balance.

c. Returned payment charges: Gas service will be subject to disconnection for any returned payment. There is a $20.00 handling fee for all payment(s) returned to Austell Natural Gas. Any account that has had one (1) returned payment within six (6) consecutive months is subject to be barred from remitting payments by check, credit, or debit card for six (6) months from date of the last returned payment. This also includes online electronic checks and bank drafts. Austell Gas is not responsible for contacting the customer regarding a payment being returned.

d. Reconnection Fee: If gas service is disconnected for any reason, there will be a $37.00 reconnection fee and full payment will be required to have the gas service reconnected. Any payments or notification received after 3:00 p.m. will be reconnected the same day subject to availability. Only a certified Austell Gas Technician can disconnect or reconnect service at the meter when there is a lock and/or meter tampering tag in place. Austell Gas must have access to the meter for service. Please note that tampering with the meter by anyone other than a certified Austell Gas Technician can result in the meter being removed from the premise without notice. (See 8 Meter Tampering).

e. Deposit: All new customers are required to pay an initial $100.00 deposit to open a gas account. The deposit may be waived if the customer can provide a letter of credit from another gas or power company showing: (1) Good Payment History (no late fees, interruptions in service, or returned payments) (2) Most recent twelve (12) months (information provided must be for the most recent twelve (12) months). The letter of credit must be received no later than 1 month from the date gas service is established. If the gas account is paid by the due date of the bill for 24 consecutive months, the deposit will be applied to the following months’ gas bill. Any account that is disconnected two (2) times in any twelve (12) month period is subject to an additional deposit.

f. Additional Deposits: Payment of an additional deposit is at the discretion of Austell Gas. The amount is not to exceed 2.5 times the highest monthly gas bill.

g. Monthly Rates: Current rates can be found at

2.  Credit and Collections Policy:

a. Disconnection of Service due to non-payment:

  1. Service is subject to disconnection when the amount due is not paid prior to the disconnect date printed on the bill. a. A disconnection date will be printed on the gas bill. b. A notice by mail, prior to the disconnect date, stating the disconnect date and amount due. c. A text message prior to the disconnection day if customer is signed up for customer notifications.
  2. Service is subject to disconnection when the arranged payment amount due is not paid prior to the arrangement date. A. No further notice will be given prior to the disconnection of service.
  3. Disconnect orders are dispatched at 8:00 a.m. Payments received after 8:00 a.m. may be subject to a $37.00 reconnection fee.
  4. Service is subject to disconnection without notice any time a payment is returned to Austell Natural Gas. This also includes electronic checks and bank drafts.
  5. Austell Natural Gas will not make any attempt other than the notifications listed above (section 2(a) items 1a, 1b & 1c) to inform the customer that gas service is subject to being disconnected. A door hanger will be left instructing how to have gas service reconnected. Gas System collectors are unable to restore service and service technicians cannot receive payments.
  6. Service is subject to be disconnected without notice for any credit card payment(s) that are disputed with the credit card company.
  7. Service will not be disconnected if payments are made in accordance with any arrangements on the account. Arrangements are based on the information available at the time of the request. Once an arrangement is made in the system, it will not be changed or modified. The account will be subject to disconnection when the arranged payment amount is not received as agreed upon.
  8. A medical statement from a healthcare professional is required within seven (7) days prior to the disconnection date if a serious illness exists. Statement should include general nature of the illness, the expected duration of the illness and if the illness would worsen without gas service. Gas will not be disconnected during the time the illness is expected to last, or for one-month, whichever time is shorter. If needed, customers may extend this exemption one additional month by providing an updated medical statement from a healthcare professional. Austell Natural Gas will accept no more than two (2) medical statements in a twelve (12) month period
  9. No arrangements will be made after gas service is disconnected. Full payment is required before service is reinstated.
  10. Customer must notify Customer Service department by phone before 3:00 pm if payment is made online or by telephone to have gas service reconnected. If contacted after 3:00 pm, the same day reconnect option is subject to availability.
  11. Please refer to 1 (d), 1 (e) & 1 (f) for information regarding reconnect fees, deposits, and additional deposits.

3.  Payment and Billing options:

a. Payment options: Payment in full is due on or before the due date indicated on the bill. All checks or money orders received by mail or night deposit need to be made payable to Austell Natural Gas. Austell Gas is not responsible for incorrect postings of checks or money orders received (1) without the remittance stub(s) and (2) without the account number(s) indicated on the check or money order.

The following payment options are available:

  1. Telephone: Payments are taken by an automated phone payment system by dialing 770-948-1841 and following the prompts. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards are accepted by Austell Natural Gas. Customers who know the amount they are required to pay can call 1-888-481-2261. (See 2.a.10)
  2. Online: Payments can be made online at Choose the Pay/View Bill. Please read all notes and directions to avoid payment issues. Customers can pay their bill(s) by making a one-time payment or by setting up a user profile. The following can be used to make payments: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express. The following can be used through a Digital Wallet: Amazon pay, PayPal, PayPal Credit, Venmo, Google Pay and Apple Pay.
  3. Mobile App: Customers can also access accounts on mobile devices. IOS or Android devices can download the app from the app or play store.
  4. Western Union Bill Pay: Customers can make a payment at any Western Union Bill Pay location throughout the United States. Locations can be found by visiting (See 2.a.10).
  5. Mail: Payments may be mailed to the office using the envelope enclosed in your monthly bill. The payment address is 2838 Joe Jerkins Blvd., P.O. Box 685, Austell, Georgia 30168-0685.
  6. Kiosk/Drop Box: Both are located on the side of the main business office at 2838 Joe Jerkins Blvd, Austell, Georgia 30106. Payments are retrieved twice a day at 8am and 3pm, Monday-Friday. Kiosk payments can be made by credit card, check, or cash and will post to the account immediately.
  7. Customer Notification Program: Customers with text enabled devices may receive notifications when needed informing of the account status and system information.

b. Billing Options: Austell Natural Gas adjusts rates monthly according to the cost of Natural Gas. There is not a fixed rate available. In addition to the monthly billing option, customers may choose the Budget Billing Program. Please read the following so that you have a complete understanding of the requirements and process of the Budget Billing Program.


  1. Account balance must be zero (0).
  2. The During the months of April 1st to September 30th is the open enrollment period.

How the Budget Billing Program works:

  1. The plan provides the convenience of a consistent 12 months of payments so customers can plan their budget. The program is not a discount, nor does it lower the amount of the monthly bills.
  2. The payment amount will be the same each month and the payment will be re calculated on August 1st each year. Any accounts with balances will have balance added to the new payment calculation.
  3. The amount due will be based on the actual gas charges at the location gas service is provided.
  4. Customers will be removed from the Budget Billing Program when two payments are past due.
  5. If removed from the Budget Billing Program, customers will not be eligible for reinstatement until the open enrollment period (3.b.2), and a zero (0) balance is required (3.b.1).
  6. Once removed from the Budget Billing Program, the customer is responsible for any outstanding balance on the account.

4.  Senior Citizen Discount:

A senior citizen discount of $7.50 is available for customers meeting certain requirements. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Applicant must be 65 yrs of age or older.
  2. Applicant must have gas service in their name and reside at the location.
  3. Applications are subject to verification at the discretion of Austell Gas.
  4. Applications can be found online at

5.  Establishing, Transferring and Terminating Service: 

a. Establishing Service: To establish service customers must contact Austell Gas by phone or online. An address, a valid Social Security Number and name is required. A one-day notice is required to establish service. New service established by phone or online will be provided a confirmation number and may be delayed due to weekends or holidays and are processed for the next available business day. An additional deposit is required if a valid Social Security Number and/or valid U.S. driver’s license is not provided. Refer to 1 (e) & (f) for deposit information related to establishing a gas account.

b. Transferring Service: To transfer service customers must contact Austell Gas by phone or online. Service can be transferred if a customer is moving within the service area. A one- day notice is required when transferring service. Transfer of service by phone or online will be provided a confirmation number and may be delayed due to weekends or holidays and are processed for the next available business day. Customers are required to pay the past due amount owed on the account being transferred at the time of request. A final bill will be sent for the old account indicating that the balance transferred to the new account. Transferred charges must be paid on the new account by the disconnect date printed on the first bill received at the new service location. Austell Gas is not responsible for any payments made on closed or inactive accounts.

c. Terminating Service: To terminate service customers must contact Austell Gas by phone or online and provide the date service is to be terminated along with a forwarding address to mail the final bill and deposit refund for accounts with a deposit greater than the final gas charges. A one-day notice is required when terminating service. Service terminated phone or online and will be provided a confirmation number. Request for termination of service via phone or online may be delayed due to weekends or holidays and are processed for the following business day. The confirmation number should be saved and used in any future communications regarding the termination of service. Any disputes regarding the termination of service will require the confirmation number.

NOTE: If the customer fails to notify Austell Gas and/or no work order/confirmation number can be provided, the customer is responsible for paying all charges incurred up to the date of termination of service.

6.  Final Bills, Deposit Refunds and Credit Balance Refunds:

a. Final bills are generated when:

  1. Termination of service is requested. A meter reading is recorded on the day the customer requests service to be terminated. The final bill will consist of gas usage from the last reading date up to the termination date. Any deposit at that time is applied to the account. Customer is responsible for providing a correct forwarding address to ensure proper delivery of the final bill and/or deposit refund.
  2. Any gas service that remains disconnected and is not reconnected within 5 business days will be final billed. Any deposit at that time is applied to the account balance and either a check or final bill will be mailed to the address on file.

NOTE: An account that is final billed and the deposit is applied, requires a deposit, and reconnect fee to re-establish service. The deposit amount will be no less than the deposit applied to the final billing. Please refer to 1(d), 1(e) & 1(f) for information regarding reconnect fees, deposits, and additional deposits.

b. Deposit Refunds:
The deposit is applied to all final billed accounts. Once the deposit has been applied, the customer will receive a final bill indicating the balance owed. In the event the deposit is greater than the balance, a credit balance will be indicated, and a check will be issued within 30 days of the final bill.

c. Credit Balance Refunds:
All inactive accounts with a credit balance will receive a letter via U.S. mail indicating the amount of the credit. The customer must sign and return the letter for a check to be issued. Active accounts will carry forward the credit balance unless the customer requests a refund check.

7. Accounts and Billing Information:

It is the responsibility of the customer to provide accurate information when establishing gas service. The U.S. Postal Service will notify Austell Gas when a request is made to have mail forwarded to a new address. Austell Gas will change (without notice) an address based on the information received from the U.S. Postal Service. Austell Gas is not responsible for any charges or actions related to a customer not receiving a bill due to incorrect mailing information.

Bills are mailed monthly to the address provided by the account holder unless the U.S. Postal Service indicates a request has been made to have mail forwarded to another location. If no bill is received within thirty (30) days of either (1) the receipt of your last bill or (2) from the date the service was established, you will need to contact the Austell Natural Gas main office to resolve the issue.

8.  Meter Tampering:

Customers are responsible for any negligent damage to a meter regardless of the situation. All service or maintenance issues regarding a meter must be reported to Austell Natural Gas at 770-948-1841, option 1. Tampering with a gas meter is a criminal offense and the police will be notified. Not only is it illegal but also dangerous for consumers to tamper with the gas meter and/or attempt to connect or reconnect the gas service.

Meters that are tampered with are subject to be removed or sealed. An additional $300 deposit and any other related charges will be required to reconnect the gas service. If Austell Gas cannot gain access to the meter, the service will be disconnected at the street and the customer will incur construction charges.

9.  Website and Online Services:

Visit Austell Gas online at for billing information, energy saving tips, safety tips, newsletters, and links to other natural gas related websites.

The billing information section found on the home page allows customers to pay their bill, check account balances, change address, transfer service, and disconnect service. Please allow 24 – 48 hours for online requests to be processed.

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