• Yes, Tallatoona Cobb & Douglas is a public resource that may be able to help customers with their natural gas bill. Tallatoona can be reached at https://www.Tallatoonacap.org
    • Cobb County Senior Services for emergency financial assistance is available. Please call (770) 528-5364 for more information.

    Customers must speak with a member of our Customer Service staff to have services reconnected. Please contact Austell Gas during normal business hours. Monday thru Friday 8:00AM-4:45PM to make proper payments and schedule to have services restored.

    The gas company offers several convenient services to our customers. The current services offered are: lighting pilots, safety checks, and mantle changes.

    Yes, please visit our product’s page to see what we offer.

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    Natural Gas offers a cost effective and safe method for heating homes and businesses, cooking food or food preparation, heating water and drying clothes.

    The major factors that affect the price of natural gas are the demand due to weather conditions and increasing cost due to the availability of the product.

    Natural Gas is priced by the therm and the amount that is used. If Natural Gas is the main source of heating for the home or business, there will be an increase in usage and therefore cost during the winter months as compared to summer months.

    There are several factors that are included in the bill calculation. The Austell Gas Customer Service Department is available to help with any questions someone may have regarding how a bill is calculated.

    Natural Gas is a safe and efficient source of energy that has the best safety and reliability record of all traditional energy sources.

    Austell Gas offers several convenient payment methods including making payments online at www.austellgas.com, by calling 1-888-481-2261, the night deposit box on the side of the building at the main office, and mail in payments. Customers can also make payments by Western Union Bill Pay locations which locally include Publix, Kroger, Walgreens, Talpa super Mercados, and Food Depot.

    Most services are completed on a same day basis Monday thru Friday. Our Austell Gas office asks for online service request to be sent 24-48 hours before the requested date to assure time for scheduling.

    Required documentation can be submitted by phone, email, or simply click here to submit the information online.

    If you pay more than the balance on the account, the credit will be applied to the next month’s bill.

    No, all service request are scheduled for Monday thru Friday, AM (8-12AM) or PM (12-4PM) and between normal business hours.

    When a new bill is generated a penalty is assessed on the previous balance.

    Our busiest times are usually between 11AM-2PM daily and on Monday and Friday. Customers are able to visit: www.austellgas.com to submit service requests and obtain additional information to assist.

    No, each service location is read and billed according to a set and established meter reading cycle.

    Customers should contact GA811 to schedule utility markings. Additional information can be found at www.ga811.com or by calling 811.

    A contractor or utility company notified GA811 of possible excavation or underground repair work in the area. These flags are used to identify the location of the utility cable or pipe below the surface.

    Our service area includes Austell, Mableton, Powder Springs, Lithia Springs, and portions of Smyrna and Douglasville. The System covers areas in portions of West Cobb and Eastern Douglas counties.

    The American Gas Association recommends setting thermostats between 65 and 70 degrees during the winter, and at 58 degrees when away from the house for more than a few hours. The American Gas Association only provides average household settings and each household should evaluate their circumstances to be sure the thermostat is set accordingly.

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