Learn how to read your gas meter. It is recommended to read your own meter daily, weekly and/or monthly to determine your daily use.

Compare on a monthly basis the Austell Gas cost per therm to the marketers cost per therm. This calculation is done by dividing the number of therms into the total charges. Total charges should not include the sales tax.

Government website that provides several energy saving tips.

The National Energy Foundation specializes in delivering innovative educational experiences.

The Georgia Public Service Commission is to exercise its authority and influence to ensure that consumers receive safe, reliable and reasonably priced telecommunications, electric and natural gas services from financially viable and technically competent companies.

The Energy Assistance Program (EAP) pays for some home heating and cooling costs for low-income eligible families including crisis. Applications for all energy assistance programs can be made through here.

Georgia 811 is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to preventing damage to Georgia’s underground utilities and promoting public safety. We function as a communication system, connecting our member utility companies with professional excavators and homeowners who are planning mechanized digging activity such as excavation, tunneling, grading, boring and demolition.