Our Average Budget Payment Plan is available to any customer that has a 13 month billing history at the location gas service is provided and meets the following eligibility requirement in place at the time:

August through March – customer must have paid the last 10 out of 12 payments on time AND have their account paid in full.

April through July – customers only need to have their account paid in full.

Austell Gas System customers use large quantities of gas during the colder winter months for heating purposes and may find Budget Billing to be helpful. The Budget Billing Plan provides the convenience of a consistent monthly payment so customers can better plan their budget. This is not a discount, nor does it lower the amount of the monthly bills. The payment amount will fluctuate slightly month-to-month but will remain relatively level throughout the year. Anyone who does not pay the required monthly payment will be removed from the Plan, and will have to wait 12 months to request reinstatement. Customers can request to be removed from the Plan at anytime, but will be responsible for any balance remaining on the account. For further details, call Austell Gas at (770) 948-1841.

Please fill the form below or, if you prefer, print and complete this form to send by mail (with your payment), fax or at the main office.

Mail: Austell Gas System, Attn: Budget Billing, P.O. Box 685, Austell, GA 30168

Fax: 770-948-8644 – Attn: Budget Billing

  • Budget Billing Payment Plan