Austell Gas System regards the customer’s safety as the highest consideration in providing gas service. Natural gas is a clean, reliable and safe source of energy. Reasonable care should be exercised to insure the safe operation of gas appliances. System personnel are available at all times to investigate gas leaks or situations where hazard or damage to property could occur.

If you detect faint whiffs of this odor:

Investigate. If possible “follow your nose” to the source. It may be only a pilot light that’s out, or a burner valve partially turned on…something easily and safely corrected. If the source of the gas cannot be located or if the odor persists, call Austell Gas for assistance: 770-948-1841, option “1”.

If you smell gas odor rising intensely, or it seems to be everywhere:

OUTDOORS – Leave the area and call Austell Gas System IMMEDIATELY at 770-948-1841, option “1”.
INDOORS – Leave the premises IMMEDIATELY….

  • Do not create any source of possible ignition by lighting of lighters or matches, or turning on or off any switches, or any other device/appliances including phones or cell phones that may create a potential source of ignition.
  • Do not re-enter the premise /area until a leak investigation has been conducted; only Emergency Personnel should enter the premise/area.
  • Call Austell Gas System from a safe location at 770-948-1841, option “1”.